Orion Area Parade Group

Citizen of the Year

Each year, the Orion Area Parade Group recognizes a local individual who has made selfless contributions to the Orion Area. The Parade Group reviews nominations and selects a winner. The CItizen of the Year will lead our parade on Saturday, December 2nd. This year's winner is Bob Watros.

Bob Watros is the Park Manager of the Orion War Memorial. Bob is the curator, cleans up and does what needs to be done to keep the Memorial looking at its finest. Bob is out there ever day, through rain, sunshine and snow. Bob is also involved with the Orion Veterans Group. he leads the Veterans to be at every event in our community. Bob is very active getting the word out about the Veterans group sand is always willing to talk about the Veterans and what they are about. Bob never wants or looks for credit on what he does. He believes that even at 80 years old, this is a way for him to still honor his country and the War Memorial.


Citizen of the Year

Past Winners:

2016: JoAnn Van Tassel

2015: Bob Erickson

2014: Sandy Shephard

2013: John Spokaeski

2012: Robert Hollenbeck

2011: Sue Turpen

2010: Kathy McMinn

2009: Larry Mullins

2008: Sara Van Portfliet

2007: Joe Mastromatteo